Monday, SEPTEMBER 19th, 2011

15.30 – 17.15 Registration (oberes “Otto Molden” Foyer)

16.30 – 17.15 ANA board meeting (Saal Popper)


17.20 – 17.30 Welcome address and opening ceremony*

President of ANA – Heinrich Roemer (Graz)


17.30 – 18.20 Opening lecture – plenary lecture II*

Chair: Heinrich Roemer (Graz)

 Natalie Sebanz (Nijmegen, Netherlands)

“Interacting minds: a cognitive neuroscience perspective”


18.30 Poster session I*

Uneven poster number presenters are present at their posters


with buffet dinner, drinks and music (during and after poster session)

*Lectures and poster presentations will be held in Saal Schrödinger

Tuesday, SEPTEMBER 20th, 2011

 8.30 – 17.00 Registration

9.00 – 09.50 Plenary lecture II

Chair:      Michaela Kress (Innsbruck)

Josef Penninger (Vienna, Austria)

“From systems genetics to new pain genes”


9.50 – 10.50 Oral communications 1:

Voltage-gated ion channels

Chair:      Bernhard Flucher (Innsbruck)

   Gerald Obermair (Innsbruck)


9.50            Gabriella Bock: Identification of a new C-terminal splice variant of CA 1.3 L-type calcium channels with unique functional properties

10.05         Valentina Di Biase: Surface traffic of dendritic CaV1.2 calcium channels in hippocampal neurons

10.20         Klaus Schicker: Electrophysiological characterization of CACNA1F mutations found in patients affected by a congenital form night blindness

10.35      Hannes Todt: Exploring an external access pathway for local anesthetics in the voltage-gated Na+ channel


10.50 – 11.15 Coffee break - sponsored by


11.15 – 12.15 Oral communications 2:

Stress, anxiety and behaviour

Chair:      Christine Bandtlow (Innsbruck)

   Nicolas Singewald (Innsbruck)


11.15      Sarah Borrie: Investigating the molecular basis of a novel anxiolytic effect in Nogo receptor 2 knockout mice

11.30      Wulf Haubensak: Inhibitory gating of fear in amygdala microcircuits

11.45      Florian Reichmann: Environmental enrichment improves stress resilience to psychological avoidance stress in mice

12.00      Anupam Sah: Relation of enhanced anxiety- and depression-related behavior with adult neurogenesis: pharmacological and non-pharmacological interventions

 12.15 – 13.15

Special lecture and discussion:

Chair:      Sigismund Huck (Wien)

 Christoph Kratky

(President of the Austrian Science Foundation FWF)

Die Forschungsförderung durch den FWF“

 13.15 – 14.00 Lunch

 14.00 – 14.50 General Assembly of ANA

 14.50 – 15.40 Plenary lecture III

Chair:      Werner Sieghart (Wien)


Peter Jonas (Vienna, Austria)

“GABAergic interneurons: from input to output”

15.40 - 16.10 Coffee break


16.10 – 17.10 Oral communications 3:

Ion channels, LTP and memory

Chair:      Stephan Boehm (Wien)

         Hannes Todt (Wien)


16.10      Anna Ciuraszkiewicz: Properties of distinct neuronal nicotinic acetylcholine receptor channels in their native environment

16.25      Manfred Hartbauer: Neuronal coding of sensory stimuli in nature: analysis of spike trains with unsupervised clustering algorithms

16.40      Celine Heinl: Differential mechanisms of long-term potentiation at C-fiber synapses upon withdrawal from remifentanil, fentanyl and morphine

16.55      Arsalan Yousuf: Nucleotides control the excitability of sensory neurons via two P2Y receptors and a bifurcated signaling cascade


17.10 – 18.30 Poster session II

Even poster number presenters are present at their posters


18.30 Wutzler Competition at Congress Center Alpbach


19.00 Dinner at Bögler-Hof


Wednesday, SEPTEMBER 21st, 2011

 9.00 – 09.50 Plenary lecture IV

Chair:      Ludwig Aigner (Salzburg)

 Ute Schäfer (Graz, Austria)

“Neurogenesis, neuroregeneration - therapeutic approaches in experimental neurotraumatology”


9.50 – 10.50 Oral communications 4:

Neurogenesis and neuroregeneration

Chair:      Lars Klimaschewski (Innsbruck),

               Georg Dechant (Innsbruck)


9.50        Sebastian Illes: Identification of intrinsically spiking neurons in embryonic stem cell-derived neuronal assemblies: Implication for cell-replacement therapies

10.05      Serena Quarta: Significance of the IL-6 Signal Transducer gp130 für Neuronal Regeneration

10.20      Konstantinia Skreka: Identification of Non-coding RNAs involved in Neural Differentiation

10.35      Thomas Steinkellner: Calmodulin kinase II regulates amphetamine-induced reverse transport in the dopamine transporter


10.50 – 11.15 Coffee break – sponsored by


 11.15 – 12.15 Oral communications 5:

Neuropeptides and inflammation

Chair:      Peter Holzer (Graz)           

               Barbara Kofler (Salzburg)


11.15      Muhammad Asim: Combining computational, synthetical and pharmacological approaches for the identification of novel opioid analgesics

11.30      Marlena Beyreis: Galanin facilitates phagocytosis in microglia

11.45      Bernadette Taferner: NMDA-receptor mediated exitotoxicity is involved in the neuropathogenesis of experimental cerebral malaria

12.00      M. Kunze, D. Stoops, J. Berger: Subcellular targeting of the disease associated peptidase insulin degrading enzyme


 12.15 – 12.20 FENS agenda

12.20 – 12.35 Poster Prize Awards 

12.35 -13.20 “Otto Loewi Award” – sponsored by

Chair:      Heinrich Römer (Graz)


Lecture of the Prize Winner

Alexandra Koschak (Vienna, Austria)

What can we learn from disease-causing mutations in L-type calcium channels


13.20 Lunch 

14.00 End of the Meeting

Otto-Loewi-Award sponsored by




ANA and the organising committee thank the following sponsors for generous support of the meeting